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Hong Kong Company registration in 2 minutes

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HKD 4,999

Include all government fees
No hidden cost

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Cost of Doing Business -
Professional Services

Accounting related fee is based on the size of the business, following are the general market price for a small business. 

*excluding outliners that have extremely low services level 

Business Address 

HKD 1,200+ / year 

Company Secretary 

HKD 1,200+ / year

*Some services firms do not cover all statutory compliance matters, so their services fee are lower. 

Open Bank Account

HKD 1,000+ (One off fee)

*Charged by the Bank



HKD 300+ / month

*Depends on the size of the business


HKD 1,000+ / year

*Depends on the size of the business


HKD 3,000+ / year

*Depends on the size of the business

Student Program

Student Program -
Making Dreams Come True

We enhance the lives of young entrepreneurs who perhaps would not have the professional support to start their business if MR LIBRARY does not exist.


We welcome students from different countries who want to start a business in Hong Kong to contact us, we will provide free consultation and documentation to help you take the first step. 

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