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 Hong Kong Company Deregistration

4 - 6 months 

Statutory processing time by the government


Summonses issued each year.  If the company is no longer needed, please deregister it ASAP. 

HKD1,900  (MR Library user fee)

Including government fees HKD690.  - The professional charge in the market is around HKD2,600 to HKD9,000 

Small Island

Basic Requirements 

3 months

Has not commenced business / in operation for at least 3 months

At the Coffee Shop

Other Insights


Be reminded to transfer out all the bank account balance before deregistration

Company Records

It is required to keep the company’s books and papers for at least 6 years after the date of the dissolution

Annual Filing 

The company is still required to attend to annual filing before the official completion of deregistration.  Hence, starting deregistration earlier can potentially save the company from admin and filing costs 

Deregistration by MR LIBRARY


Knowledgeable Resourceful Responsive


Tier 1 Experts

100% managed and completed by MR Library in-house expert team, fast and secured.  

In-house expert team include former global firm, investment bank and listed company executives 

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