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Corporate Secretary
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Doing the transactions right, with qualified experts

  • Company formation
    Hong Kong Singapore China Taiwan Bristish Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Malta United Arab Emirates United Kingdom
  • Change of officers / management / professional bodies
    Change of Director - resignation / appointment / removal Change of Director's personal particular e.g. address and passport Change of Company Secretary - resignation / appointment / removal Change of Auditor - resignation / appointment / removal
  • Change in share ownership / share capital / restructuring
    Transfer of share Transmission of share Allotment of share (issue new share) Issue new class of share Capitalization Capital reduction Re-classification of shares Others
  • Company particular changes
    Change of company name Adoption of a Chinese name Adoption of a trading name Change of Company's Articles Change of business address (registered office) Apply to become a dormant company Open a new branch Others
  • Closing the Company / Restoration of Company
    Deregistration Liquidation Restoration of Company (re-open the Company)
  • Other statutory / legal matters
    Annual General Meeting Annual Return Significant Controllers Register Audited Financial Statements Accounting / Bookkeeping Drafting a contract / agreement Certification (obtain certified ture copy of documents) Notarization Open bank account
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Our Platform

No hidden cost

Our quotation cover all  government fees, enabling executives to budget confidently for their business needs

Secured Quality

We obtain feedback from our users directly - Vendors that secured high rating can stay in our platform

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Full range of services

No single firm could perform all business services -  We empower our users to hire multiple vendors while letting us to handle all the coordination works

Extensive network

Backed by extensive alumni network of two of the best MBA programs in Asia, business needs of our users can be sourced in just one call 

Effective Sourcing

Once users complete the KYC with us, we will liaise with other vendors to minimize further KYC burden. This also implies our users can receive multiple professional services faster 

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